Monday, February 1, 2010

Ask away

It was like old times last night... We had some friends over, fired up the grill, had the kiddies playing in the background. (background, foreground, all over the ground!... man I wish I had the energy preschoolers) Anyways, I just thought I would share, because I was unaware of the preparation that went into my girlfriend seeing me for the first time since we found out...gulp, -Transplant. Though once I told her that I named Larry and explained that he had his very own blog, I think she relaxed a little. She handled me with kid gloves at first and I have to admit, if you are going to do it, I'll milk being waited on. tehehe suckas! (Just kidding, I really do appreciate all the help I get -- Any ONE thing that someone does for me is energy I get to use on something else, like River.)
Anyways, what I realized is that she had some tension about visiting me. What to say, how to act, what I was going to look like (everyone is always surprised at how freakin' good I look)Do they ask how I'm doing, or do they ignore the elephant in the room? And what the heck is End Stage Liver Disease anyways?
...What did she find out? Besides probably to much information on how cool the liver is, and specific instructions on how to be an organ donor (tehehe) She learned that I am still.... just me! And one thing I could always say about me, is that I goooo with the floooooooow... and I really do live by the motto that I can either laugh or cry about the things that happen... Laugh or cry - and crying really does give me a headache, and with cirrhosis I can't take anything for a headache. ahahaha.
--Oh yes, she also learned that I get very excited about things I know a lot about... and unfortunately, I do know a lot about the liver now... Hmm, I may not get many phone calls anymore. :)

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