Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lookin' up

I received a phone call from my nurse at USC yesterday and just thought that you guys would like to hear about my lil milestone. As you may know already (if you don't, then you haven't been listening to me whine) tehehe.... But one of my nemesis has been Ascites for quite a while, actually Christmas of 2008 I was close to 190lbs and vomiting every day (say bye-bye wedding rings for a while) Within these last few months, my medicine cocktail has been fine tuned and between the Lasix, Lactulose, Spironolactone, and a strict 2k mg sodium diet w/ vitamins, I have now stayed steady at about 119lbs (minus the week I did the salty colon prep for no reason and swelled pretty good - no, no lasting bitterness here) Even my lab results seem to be worsening slower these last few testings, where as before my MELD score almost jumped a point every other month, has now DROPPED 1 point... It doesn't mean to much, except that my hard work and having educated doctors are paying off!!
Also, Janelle called me. (the USC Donor nurse coordinator) She just wanted to let me know that she has received SEVERAL phone calls from people, and that she is still taking back-up donor applications (tehehe) However, since insurance will only cover testing for one possible donor at a time, no further tests will be done unless Nancy's liver flunks the tests. (tehehe, just kidding Nancy) No really though, there are some factors that could knock anyone out from being a donor... Their own health or the size and placement of their liver and hepatic veins. So I am extremely lucky to have more then one person willing to be tested.  Just amazing! It has been a long few years and some real tough months, but hopefully now we are on our way back up... slowly but surely.

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