Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Asites for sore eyes.

Just a quick update.... These past few days have been uncomfortable to say the least, and these extra few pounds have plum tuckered me out! In the words of Bob... 'Da belly full, but we HUNGRY! I did visit the doctor yesterday, and though he said I definitely have fluid in the belly... and (just to toot my own horn) he agreed that it probably wasn't a coincidence that I drank 4 (ok 2) liters of salt water last Tuesday night, and have gained 4 pounds since. However, until I look like the Octomom just before delivery... there is noooo point in me going back in, unless of course there is fever, which could mean that a fluid infection, because otherwise, it is to risky to tap. (yup, lots to remember) Oh, I also now know the sound of an Ascites filled tummy... I am like a sponge. hehe... suckin' up knowledge and fluids. hehehe.
He also did a little scolding on my talking with USC.... "What's you coordinators name--fast?" "You should have her number on speed dial and chatting with her regularly!" He also said that just because I am a doctor (uh huh... he's funny) I still need to go see him every 3 months, because USC will pretty much only be calling when it is time for my new liver. "Someone besides yourself needs to be looking after YOUR health with you." hahaha... I do need someone to run things by. I just don't like going in to the hospital (There is a bunch of sick people there and lot of people don't leave alive) hehehe.... If it comes down to being in pain but at home and being drugged up in there, I'll take home EVERY TIME.
So what is my game plan? Just keep on keepin' on! Keep taking my medicine and vitamins, keep the salt intake under 2000mg, eat, and stay positive while I wait. (sounds easy enough, eh?)

He also left me with a little info on one of his patients, who received the best Christmas present ever! He had to wait 9 months, but on Christmas eve, he received a new liver, and today his wife called Dr. Jamal and said he was resting at home now. whoo hoo...TOTALLY DOABLE! JUST GOTTA KEEP THE FAITH. It doesn't hurt that I have some great incentives either.
--BTW, was not talking about my birfday bash as the incentive (I was talking about family and friends)... but now that you mentioned it... I am so excited about this year!! I sure hope that if you are in the Carmel area on February 6th and you want to have an awesome time, with great food, music, prizes, and people, COME JOIN US!! Get the word out on organ donation, And you would be helping me and my family out too. Hope to see you there. <3

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