Sunday, January 24, 2010


****YUP THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACE ALL YOU PROCRASTINATORS WHO HAVEN'T BOUGHT YOUR TICKETS YET**** ...Make me think you weren't comin' to my birfday benefit - but, s'ok - you're here now, yes you found it. Thank you so much. This truly is going to be an amazing night, with a whole lot of awesome people that are making my journey possible!! So click below... and if you are in Salas (That's Salinas, CA) Please come join Ricki's Little River Run the same day at 9.00 - Bring your Hog...tehehe It's a Bike Run (we are diverse people :)) ...Or come join me see them off to the River Inn... A ride to the river to pay for my liver!! Love it!! Thank you all again sooooo much!!

**2/1/2010 --- If you missed out on buying your tickets to the dinner, you can still come show your support and join us for dancing, silent auction, and snacks.
Details: Time - 8:30pm, Price - $25.00
Click Buy Now button below - it will default to $25.00 :)
Hope to see you there!!
And thank you so much for the 140 amazing people already coming out to share support and prayers with my family. A HUGE thank you to everyone (and there are quite a few of you out there) who donated anything to make this night a magical one. AMAZING!

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