Friday, January 29, 2010

Yaeh Lasix

Well, it is a great morning for me so far! (Ricki is doin' the "O' Happy Day" Dance) Why so happy at 7sh in the morning? Well upon weighing myself this morning - And no, trust me... this is not a vanity issue. Because of my ascites, I must weigh myself regularly (it's supposed to be daily, but so far I haven't found the need for that, says Dr. Ricki) So I say regularly... (Don't judge me! tehehe) Anyway, I am happy to say that it has taken about 2 weeks to lose that 5 lbs that I swear was making me sicker! When I went in for the colonoscopy that never was, the prep really did a lasting number on me, but any evidence of that has now been "flushed" so to speak...tehehe. Thanks to the newest drug on my resume - Lasix!! It seems to really be doing the trick.
But wait... that's not all!
These last few days have also been extremely tough because of this extreme tiredness. I joke about my many nemeses, but sleepiness is my greatest one, and this week -- it kicked my butt. Yesterday alone, I slept about 18 hours... and I used to complain that the HE (ammonia build-up) symptom of day and night reversal was irritating, (yup, that is a real symptom MANY cirrhotics suffer from)but I learned very quickly that I would rather have day and night reversed, then my body forgetting about day time all together! hehe. Seriously! But, I woke up with some strength in these bones today. This morning, I opened my eyes without puking or crying at the thought of getting up, and that is a nice feeling.
But wait... there is still more!
It is Friday... and even though I don't work right now, Fridays are still Fridays! And I know everyone is probably sick of it, but it is just 1 more week until my birthday party!! I can't help it, birthdays have never really been celebrated in our house... and this year, this year I think it's time to CELEBRATE!
So even though I know one of these days I am going to wake up sick and tired again, I will also wake up on a day after that feeling like I do today! I just have to take it one day at a time... Without rain, there would be no rainbows! eh?

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