Thursday, January 7, 2010

No one violated here!!

You will be happy to know that I was not probed as scheduled... However, it was the prep I dreaded to begin with, and that I experienced... again. Jason took the day off of work to drive me down to USC... I was still vomiting all the way there due to all of the lovely salty prep I drank the day before... and (now has caused an ascites flare up... thanks docs) I was wheeled into admitting, paraded around the floors with my head shoved into my little purple waste basket and washcloth around my neck. They got me into the room, IV started and then the doctor came in, took one look at me, asked "How old are you again" and said, no way would he do this to his daughter at my age. He then explained the reasoning for the colonoscopy (and let me tell you, I do recommend them for you if you are over the age of 50) I have had one before and let me say... Suck it up, it isn't that bad and could save you from much more invasive procedures later on! Now back to my story. He ran it past his colleagues and this became my second USC visit for not. So, it was canceled and I was kept on IV fluids and nausea meds for a little while longer. Another $7.50 for parking (Jason and I have decided that the $7.50 is due just for entering their parking because we have never paid anything less then that in the ($5.00 max all day parking structure) hehe. I was glad that they didn't have to do another procedure that I have to pay for out of pocket, but man.... this sucks. I left trying to look on the bright side... "Well, at least my butt don't hurt" but lets be honest.... your butt doesn't hurt after that anyway. It really is the prep that is tough. Golytely.... psshh.... You go -- trust me, you go! but it ain't lightly.

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