Thursday, January 14, 2010

USC Selection Committee

I got the call today that my case is finally going to the selection committee, and I feel like a little kid again playing organized sports. Although when I said to Kaylee (My nurse) that I sure hope they pick me, she did a little giggle and said I don't think you will have a problem! So I have made it through all of the red tape and in the medical opinions (of a lot of board committee members) my life will GREATLY IMPROVE and I will be less sick (I'm aiming low... but hoping for no sickness at all) if I have this procedure done!! They believe a new liver will make most of my problems go away... and I have been deemed worthy. YES!! It couldn't have been at a better time either, because my "crankiness" with being in pain has reached an all time high (innocent giggles) and even my precious kitty is getting the evil eye when he tries to plop himself up on my achin' body -- and if you know me, you know my Kaya can usually do no wrong. hehehe, well... I will keep you posted, I've got "clinic" on Tuesday, where I will whine and then apologize for it repeatedly. Since this ascites is still "pressuring" me, they will do another ultrasound and of course some routine blood work... I also have another CT scan coming up (Yup it has been 3 months already) and since my tumor marker levels have yet to drop below the 300 range, I still sweat this test alittle. -- on a side note though, I am soooo looking forward to my party in February!! We can really use the funds I know and appreciate.... but really, I just can't resist a party, 'specially for lil' o' meeee! <3

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Linda K said...

God Bless your strength! I admire your common sense & sense of humor! You are special!